My name is G. Troy Pickett, and I am an attorney practicing in Houston, Texas.

I am a Partner in Butel & Pickett, P.L.L.C.. We are a family law firm with a general practice tendency—in other words, I will do anything my client needs if I can. We are also a new law firm, so I am committed to trying harder for my clients than the next firm. The reality is that new attorneys have to work harder, until they can work smarter. I hope I get there some day.

I handle all of the types of cases that family law lawyers normally do: Divorce, Child Support and Custody, Adoptions, Modifications, Name Changes, Pre-Nuptials and anything else you need. What I have handled outside of family: Real Estate, Wills, and the occasional misdemeanor Criminal case.  What I don’t handle: Felony Criminal Law, Bankruptcy (although I am learning about it) and Traffic Tickets (I’ve done one for a friend, I still will refer you to my buddy that does it for a living). I can try to refer you to other attorneys in all of those areas.

I went to the South Texas College of Law, where I graduated cum laude (with honors). I was both an editor on the South Texas Law Review and the President of the Student Bar Association. Before law school I went to the University of Texas, graduating with a B.A. in Government in ’05 and a B.S. in Radio-TV-Film in ’02. I attempted to write and sell screenplays between the two degrees, which led to a career in Bar Management. I am glad I finally got to law school.

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