Passing this along: Why science and the Republicans don’t talk anymore

One of the Republican Party’s new traits is anti-intellectualism. Think about Santorum talking about how going to college makes you an elitist1, Tom Coburn’s one man battle against climate science, or Rick Perry in general.

This morning I was directed to and read Mano Singham’s article, “The cause of the conservative turn against science” I think it’s a good analysis of what’s happened to the Republican Party and science. I am mostly posting it because it is a good plank in a larger piece I am working on about how conservative thought became predominant in politics2

Look forward to incorporating this into my arguments.

  1. That was rich coming from a man with a law degree, but Rick was always good for a laugh.
  2. It is the dominant political belief now, evidenced clearly by how Democrats act now as a center right party and are not liberal by any definition except the far-right’s.
Rating 3.00 out of 5
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