Democrats in Texas are coming back.

Last night the Texas Republicans got what they wanted, and more than they bargained for. They have given Democrats in Texas something to rally behind other than reproductive rights.

We will rally around each other.

Republicans in Texas–and I do mean the voters too–have been so sure they are right because no one has challenged them here; a sort of we win all the time so we must be right mentality. But their wins are not as big as they think. Like a cocky football team, they believe their own press too much and stopped paying attention to what matters. Politics isn’t about abortion. It’s about education, helping people improve their lives and by so doing, improving our communities, state and country. This is what we will challenge Republicans on. We will revive the greatness of our State rather than boast about it.

Through this fight, Democrats found out that there were more of us than we thought here in Texas. We found new leadership in Wendy Davis and Kirk Watson. We found something to fight against and to fight for. We have also reminded the rest of the country that we are here, and we will have allies because of this.

Republicans in Texas assume that because they are in power they always will be. That could not be farther from the truth.

Rating 3.00 out of 5
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