Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

  • Hey there, if you DM me your favorite band and I like them, I have 4 Spotify invites available… #
  • #dearyoungself Go to Europe sooner, stay longer. Think about staying for good. P.S. Don't take your Boba Fett out of the package. Trust me #
  • #dearyoungself Oh, yeah, and buy Apple stock. Doesn't matter when you get this message. #
  • CPS hearing this morning. (@ Harris County Juvenile Justice Center) #
  • I'm at Butel & Pickett (1001 Texas, Ste. 1400, at Main & Texas, Houston) #
  • Cell phone is going to the doctor. Will only have email access for this afternoon. #
  • Meet the Mayor. (@ Block 7 Wine Company w/ 3 others) #
  • I'm at Harris County Juvenile Justice Center (1200 Congress, Houston) #
  • Why do I care that it's the weekend? (@ Butel & Pickett) #
  • If you are at @lollapalooza I hate you. If you are in Chicago, I am jealous, but don't completely hate you. #stuckinhoustoninoffice #
  • I love @spotify. Now, if it could have rankings (beyond star or not), genius/pandora type mixes and internal social features it'd be perfect #
  • Saturday. #
  • Self checkout is a public IQ test. Most fail. (@ Randall's Food Market w/ 2 others) #
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